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Snow Conditions At Bear Lake

Worried about Bear Lake snow conditions?

We would like to calm your concerns!

It has come to our attention that the third photo above has been circulating from Bear Lake. While this is A hillside at Bear Lake, this is not THE hillside that we will be racing.

We want to calm your concerns regarding snow conditions on the hills that we will be racing. The first photo is one of the hills we have available to us that currently has 16-20 inches and is the hillside that we normally race. The second photo is of an additional hillside that we have ready to race on which currently has 20-28 inches of snow.

While we understand that this is not TONS of snow to race on, we are doing everything we can to improve the conditions as best as possible pending mother nature. We have had a team that has gone to the hills and compacted the snow that is there so that we should have a solid base to race on. Also, the weather report indicates that there should be additional snow (hopefully lots) this weekend and into next week. Last weekend the hills saw an additional 5 inches and that storm didn’t end up producing as much as was expected in most areas.

We hope that this will help ease your concerns regarding the Bear Lake races and trust that if there truly isn’t enough snow to race on we will call the race. However, be assured that we are still planning 100% to have the races, both weekends.


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