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Locals/120s Forms

At races where we have a local’s class, 120’s and 200’s races, dash for cash, etc. the following forms are necessary to register.

Please fill out a form for each racer/class that will be entered and bring it with you.

All Locals classes will be run at the end of Finals day in the Blue lane.

All 120/200 races will be run on Finals day mid-day (somewhere between 11 am - 2 pm, listen for announcements on specifics at the race).

Also, please note that in order to race you will be required to obtain an ISR driver’s liability license.

If you are only going to race one race in a season, please get a one-time driver’s license (or Kitty Kat for 120/200 racers). If you plan to enter multiple races in the season, please get an annual driver’s license. Go to to apply for a license.

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