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Rocky Mountain Rob Kincaid — 2020 Racer of the Year!

Each year, the RMSHA racers vote at the end of the season for the rider who they believe showed superior skill, graciousness, triumph and commitment to the sport throughout the year. The racer with the most votes from their peers is named Racer of the Year.

For 2020, although it was a short year, his peers voted Rob Kincaid posthumously as the fearless Racer of the Year, aka “Rocky Mountain” Rob Kincaid. It is with great honor to his memory that we celebrate his life and love of our great sport. Please enjoy his bio written by friend and teammate, David McClure.

Rob Kincaid was larger than life in everything he did. As a joke, Jeremy Houle from Speedwerx would write, “To: Rocky Mtn Rob” on Rob’s snowmobile parts packages and the nickname stuck! Everyone knew Rob as “Rocky Mtn Rob” or “RMR” for short.

Rob didn’t start snowmobiling until he was 24 and after a year he was a good enough rider to start racing and he won his first RMSHA race!

Some of Rob’s snowmobile accomplishments were Year-End Points Championships, two World Championships, being an X-Games Competitor, gracing multiple snowmobile magazine covers, and one of the biggest Social Media followings in the snowmobile industry.

Rob was also a World Traveler. Rob travelled to Canada multiple times, Japan twice, Sweden 3 times, Norway, Iceland, and all over the U.S. promoting Arctic Cat snowmobiles and sharing his passion for snowmobiling with everyone he could reach.

Rob was proud to say that he started racing for Arctic Cat and never changed brands. He was as loyal as can be to all of his sponsors and worked hard to promote those companies to the best of his ability. Rob was good at everything he tried, and if he wasn’t good at it at first, he’d work at it until he was the best. Rob was not afraid of hard work. His motivation, determination, strong willed mindset, and a never quit type of attitude got him far in life.

Rob loved his family more than anything and was so proud to brag about his kids and how awesome they are. Rob’s wife, Kim, supported Rob in all of his adventures. Kim could always be found at the bottom of the hill writing down the times of all the racers’ various classes. She was always there through rain, snow, wind, and sun.

Rob was an amazing friend, the type of friend that would truly listen to you and cared about what you were telling him. Rob had a way of making everyone feel like he was their best friend, and because of that, everyone considered themselves friends with Rob, even if they had just met.

If you ever met Rob, you’d never forget him. He was the funniest guy I know, coming up with the quickest comebacks and being brutally honest. If there was a group of people around Rob, they would without a doubt be laughing. Rob told me once, “You don’t talk about the things you’re really good at.” In that comment, he was talking about hunting, he was a true outdoorsman and loved the challenge of harvesting a mature trophy, and that he did a lot of!

RMSHA will not be the same without RMR walking around the pits talking to other racers or giving guys crap up on the mountain as he walked the hill, but his spirit will ride on forever!


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