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Antler Basin Ranch Running Orders

Hi all,

Please see the qualifying running orders attached and note that there will be a limited amount of food on the hill. There will be a food vendor that will have breakfast burritos, cinnamon rolls and other breakfast pastries, chili dogs, bowls of chili and wraps as well as hot coffee/chocolate and cold drinks. Please note that there is limited quantity so you may want to bring extra snacks, etc with you to the hill. The hill is not far from town so there is very close access to stores/restaurants if need be.

Again, we need to emphasize that all sleds need to stay on the groomed areas around the property as not to damage anything lying under the snow outside of the groomed areas!! Please be respectful to the land owners and neighbors.

Thanks so much,


Granby Blue Lane Qualifying Running Order
Download PDF • 196KB

Granby Red Lane Qualifying Running Order
Download PDF • 194KB


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