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Salt Pass Boarder Dash

Feb 3 - 4

Location: North Loop Road, Geneva, ID 83238, USA

Please note that this will be a FRIDAY and SATURDAY race!

About the event

Located on the border of Idaho and Wyoming at the Salt Pass Border Dash. The race starts in Idaho and ends in Wyoming! We welcome one and all to come to participate and/or spectate at this great season-starting race.

Please note that this will be a FRIDAY and SATURDAY race!!

The Clover Creek Inn is offering Racer Discounts of 10%; please call 208-847-1782 to make your reservations today!!!

We will be hosting a Locals Race, which will feature a Stock and Mod class; depending on the number of entries we may add additional classes (ie women's, vintage, etc). Forms for sign-up will be available HERE. All Locals racers will need to have one day/event coverage from ISR which can be purchased from Locals will compete after finals are done in the Blue Lane on Saturday afternoon.


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