Rocky Mountain States HillClimb Association

2015 Events

Feb 13
  • Bear Lake, Montpelier ID

    Registration Closed

    February 13th- February 14th.
    Date is Subject to change!

Mar 7
  • Pinedale, WY

    Registration Closed

    March 7th-March 8th.
    Date is Subject to change!

Mar 13
  • Bellevue, ID Climb the Mine


    Race has been cancelled

Mar 26
  • Jackson Hole, WY


    March 26-29

Apr 10
  • Crested Butte, CO

    Registration Closed

    April 9- April 12th. (9th is testing day).
    Date is Subject to change!

Apr 17
  • Beaver Mt, Utah


    April 17- April 18th.
    Date is Subject to change!

Apr 24
  • Grand Targhee, WY

    Registration Closed

    April 24- April 26th
    Date is Subject to change!


April 17, 2015

Crazyhorse Hillclimb Shuttle Schedule and Departure Times

Crazyhorse Hill Climb Shuttle Schedule2015

April 15, 2015

Crazy Horse Hillclimb information, READ!!


Here is a PDF File of the information for Crazy Horse Hillclimb. Please Read!!!

April 9, 2015

Crested Butte Weekend info

Schedule v4.7.15

Full Event Info

TUS 4 7 15

Crested Butte SEMI PRO running order 2015

Crested Butte PRO running order 2015


March 18, 2015





February 16, 2015


For results on Bear lake hillclimb please go to   Due to lack of internet Bear Lake results could not be updated live.

Afton hillclimb we will be posting results live on!!


February 6, 2015

Bear Lake Hillclimb is a go!

Update! Bear Lake Hillclimb is a go! See you all on the 13th and 14th!

December 29, 2014

Insurance for Riders and Pit Crew

PLEASE click link and READ, Or copy and paste into your web browser.

December 8, 2014

Snowbikes added to the RMSHA line up for 2015!

RMSHA is excited to announce that we will be adding 2 specialty classes to the circuit, Snowbike improved and mod. This will be part of the RMSHA circuit, except for Afton and Jackson.  Please contact Anahi to register at

Fees will be the same as for those racing snowmobiles.

November 30, 2014

WOMAN’S 600 Stock class to be added to the RMSHA circuit!

Hey all just a quick word, that RMSHA has added the woman’s 600 Stock class to the circuit this year!


November 11, 2014

RMSHA Racer Guidline

RMSHA Racer Guideline

Welcome new up & coming racers,

Keith Curtis here- Factory Polaris Hillclimb Racer.

Let me start off by saying RMSHA is a professional circuit and is owned by it’s members. Every person sending in money for membership fees owns RMSHA and most of the people on the RMSHA board put in a lot of their time for absolutely free so keep this in mind while you are at the events

I started out as a Privateer racer in the RMSHA circuit in 2007 following my dreams in the hillclimbing world. There was no telling where things would end up but I stuck with it and after a year I found myself on the Polaris Factory Team. RMSHA is such a unique association in a manner that it’s members and everyone affiliated is one huge happy family and we all help each other out in some way, shape or form. Becoming such an intricate part of the Polaris Team and the RMSHA circuit has been a dream come true and I’m here to give you some advice on race preparation.

I was slightly overwhelmed when I began researching what I needed to do in order to be prepared. I simply wanted to hop on my sled and race up the mountain. Well it’s not that easy but we are going to help make the process much easier. A few of the things we will discuss are:

  • Registration Process
  • Mandatory Safety Equipment
  • Brief sled setup

Below is a guideline to speed up the initiation process.

Educate yourself by READING through the RMSHA rules and guidelines that can be found on Please Read through the General and Hillclimb Rules sections in the ISR online rulebook that can be found at Click on Racing Aspects and Rules then click Hillclimb and Mountain Cross. RMSHA is a professional association and it’s important to be dialed and prepared for your first race. There is mandatory Tech at each and every race so be prepared when you show up to the race so tech will be a breeze.

There are several different classes that can be entered. Please look through the online registration form that can be found on and make sure you enter the proper divisions and classes. The divisions are split between Juniors, Amateurs, Semi Pro, Womens Pro, and Pro and several classes within those divisions. Familiarize yourself with these options!

Membership- Before registering for an event you can either purchase a temporary or full year membership. Memberships can be bought online through the RMSHA website.

  1. Snowflaps-
  • Keep the stock snowflap on the snowmobile.
  • Purchase hard composite plastic and cut down as needed.
  • Needs to be an inch wider than the inside of the tunnel on each side.
  • Snowflap needs to touch the ground with rider on the sled.
  • Mount to the stock location of the stock snowflap. I used long 3/16” rivets with backing washers.
  • I also use a Polaris Snocross snowflap and seems to work very well plus looks good.
  • I rivet the stock snowflap to the added snowflap towards the bottom in 2 locations.
  1. Tether switches-
  • Teth-air is not allowed
  • I use Pro Armor tethers and they work great plus you don’t have to drill a hole in your plastic.
  • Most tether switches plug right in to your stock wiring harness.
  1. Cut Track and install screws- VERY IMPORTANT
  • Find a stock, used track for your sled on Snowest and order it up. (save money that way) Set one of the two tracks aside for resale of sled.
  • All models are different as far as the lug height you can get away with, without tearing up your heat exchangers.
  • On my Assault I cut the 5.1 series track down to 1 ¾” in height measured from the top of the track in front of the lug.
  • All tracks and models will vary.
  • I use Kold Kutter Screws that can be purchased through Turn 1 Distributing. They have a #12 head and are 1.5” in length.
  • I use roughly around 350 screws per track.

Tunnel Protection- (to prevent screws from eating through heat exchanger) All sleds will vary on what is needed for tunnel protection.

  • On My Polaris Pro chassis I use 1” square aluming, 1/16” thickness.
  • I take my gas tank and seat off and rivet from the top down. (MAKE SURE YOU DON’T DRILL THROUGH YOUR COOLERS)
  • Tuck the aluminum against the side of the cooler under the tunnel and countersink the holes where there are pull rivets sticking through the tunnel. That way you won’t have to drill them out. (personal Preference)
  1. Ski Brakes
  • 2 ski brakes must be attached to sled.
  • I use a stock belt holder and rivet it right below my stock seat in between the seat brackets.
  • I use old drive belts, cut them down and throw a bolt thru them. Just make sure they fit over the front of your ski.
  1. Scratchers must be taken off for competition.
  1. Rail bracing is recommended. (these will save you time & money in the end)
  1. Clutch Cover is needed for Improved & Modified Sleds (See ISR RULES) Even if Stock sleds are bumped up into improved classes a cover is needed.
  2. Modified Sleds need brake covers (SEE ISR RULES)
  1. If sleds are wrapped cut out the last four numbers of your vin number for Tech.
  1. Helmet/Shin/ Knee Guards & chest protector are mandatory
  1. Helmet must be worn at all times when sled is running, no exceptions!!!
  1. Rider must have tether on at all times when sled is running, no exceptions!!!
  1. Adjust suspension as needed. This is all personal preference but is important that your sled is capable of going through large holes at high speeds. Proper suspension tuning can shave seconds off your time.
  1. Order aggressive carbides- I order mine through Stud Boy Traction (SEE ISR RULES)
  1. Read event info for races and make sure you register a week before the first race or you will not be racing!
  1. Every OEM, Polaris, Ski Doo, Arctic Cat, and Yamaha has a representative at the races observing and helping out their team. Make sure you introduce yourself or call months in advance of the first race to meet the Team Captain. This will be your ultimate go to guy.
  1. Each manufacturer has a racer that takes input from the team. Please don’t count these guys out either for advice or for help.
  1. Ultimately, if you have questions don’t be intimidated to ask any of the racers or anyone affiliated with RMSHA. We are glad to help out and more than excited to have new members on the circuit.

This guideline should simplify things for new racers and I’m sure some will still have questions, feel free to message us racers or RMSHA board members for more informatio

Best Regards,

©2014 Rocky Mountain States HillClimb Association