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Hillclimb 2016-17
There is currently nothing scheduled for the Hillclimb 2016-17 season. Keep checking back.


May 3, 2016

2016 RMSHA Points Standings



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April 29, 2016


Spring Meeting is May 15th at 10am in Jackson Hole Wy. at The Lodge and Conference Center. 920 W. Broadway. We would like ALL board members to attend and all racers that have an interest in next season. Hal Ray Titensor has promised free donuts to everyone attending… If you have agenda items that you feel need to be discussed, please PM them to us.

April 6, 2016

Crested Butte Schedule and Maps

Please make sure to check out the RMSHA FB page for the schedule and maps of the Crested Butte hillclimb.

Screen Shot 2016-04-06 at 12.00.16 PM revised base area map revised venue map

March 29, 2016

Grand Targhee Rooms Discount

The Crazy Horse Grand Targhee Hillclimb is coming up in the next few weeks. Here is some information on a great discount for rooms! Pass it along and
please let everyone know that all the rooms are 30% off regular price for spectator and racer.

January 27, 2016

Photos for 2016

With the first race coming up this weekend please make sure that you have your name or # forward facing somewhere on your sled. This is for our photographers that will be shooting and posting all of the images online. All images will be searchable by last name or bib #, It will make their lives much easier and yours as well when searching for your images if you have a # or name on the front of the sled so as they shoot straight on they will know who they are shooting. Also please remember these are for personal use, corporate entities still need to purchase the images for corporate use and advertising! Many corporate entities have already contacted RLT Photos to lock in the use of certain images, if you are a corporate entity wanting to work out using the rights to the images please contact Ryan at All images from all races will be posted online at simply type in your bib # or last name in the search field to pull up your images and then you can right click and save the image or download the full resolution file by clicking the arrow with a line under it in the bottom right corner of the screen. Good luck! Please email Ryan with any questions.

December 31, 2015

Bellevue Klim the mine is on! List of Hotels

Hey all the first Hillclimb is just around the corner! Here is a list of places to stay and phone #’s!
Wood River Inn 208-578-0600 RMSHA Preferred
AmericInn 209-788-7950
Airport Inn 208-788-2477
High Country Motel 208-721-0067
Prairie Inn in Fairfield ID. 208-764-2247 (about 40 miles from hillclimb) RMSHA Preferred
December 31, 2015

ISR Insurance card and pit pass link

Hey everyone, here is the link to the ISR Registration site. This is a must for all racers! If you have not signed up please do it before the first race coming up at the end of January!!!

December 9, 2015


Hey all, NOTE: that the dates for Bellevue ” KLiM the Mine” and Bear Lake have changed! Bellevue is now the 30th and 31st of January and Bear Lake is the 12th and 13th Of February. PASS THIS ALONG PLEASE!!
Also, Meadowlark hillclimb is a 3 day event, the first day will be Snowbikes, Locals and Vintage, so Charlie and the rest of the Viagra club can bring some old school back to the mountain… Really though this will be way cool. Friday will also be a test day for the rest of you, so you can ride the mountain and get your sleds dialed in. Also the resort is very family friendly, you can bring your own sleds for the wife and kids to ride in and out of the hillclimb venue, as we well as around the resort, there are a lot of groomed trails for everyone to enjoy! We will be posting a list of lodging options soon.
October 19, 2015

Fall RMSHA Meeting!!!!

RMSHA fall board meeting will be held Sunday November 8th at 10am in Afton, Wy. at the civic center. RMSHA Meetings are open meetings and we welcome racers and input. Also we are still looking for an announcer for the RMSHA races, it will be hard to fill the shoes of “Captain Hook” John. But if anyone is interested and or knows someone that would be good for this job please contact Hal Titensor at 307 887 5116.

September 23, 2015

Driven Powersports Snow kick off

Dec. 11-12-13th
We have some great sponsors lined up this year for the RMSHA Circuit. One of them Driven Powersports​ is really looking forward to working closely with the RMSHA racers and wants to get to know everyone better so they are holding a Snow Kick Off and Tune in Togowtee at the Mtn. Lodge for all racers and families. So come join them for three days to put some miles on your new sleds, do your own testing and allow a chance for the junior, amateur and semi pro drivers to get to know the Pro drivers and seek advice and information to better their upcoming careers!

RMSHA Sponsors

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